Fresh Dirt Alert!!
The New 2014 dates are posted!!
There have been changes to the dig
dates, Please click the "Dig Dates"
tab above and note the changes.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please click on the "Dig Dates" Link above
to see our calendar of events. The latest
dates for 2013 are now posted.

Please NOTE The meeting place has
changed. We will now meet at McDonald
I-85 exit 13.  The McDonald
's is located off
exit 13 next to the pilot truck stop.

The Hogg Mine has been re-opened!!
Please click the "Dig Dates" link above to
learn more and find out the dates we will
be digging. We look forward to seeing you
at the mine soon! If you have questions
please don't hesitate to send me a
message using the Contact link above. I
will respond back to you ASAP. Thanks for
looking, and I hope to see you soon.  

Chris Painter
The Crystal Empire/The Hogg Mine
   How it works!!!!!

I get alot of email's asking me how this all works. Its really as simple as it sounds. There's no
need to email me to reserve a spot. Just show up at the meeting place above on the date of
the scheduled dig and we will be there to sign you up. We leave McDonalds at 9AM sharp
and caravan to the mine. The mine is located about 3 miles south. After we arrive at the mine I
will give a safety briefing, After the Safety briefing I will give a short tour of the mine. You can
opt in or out of the tour but, I do give alot of info about where to look and what to look for. I
encourage all newbies to take the tour as it will increase your chances of finding more. After
the tour I will return to the rock shed to prepare lunch along with "Possum Cooper". We will
have lunch ready at about noon. Normally Hamburgers, Or occasionally BBQ. Plates are $7
and we serve a Burger or BBQ sandwich  with chips, Beans, and cookies. We also have
drinks available for purchase. We will have gem and mineral specimens and cutting rough for
sale under the shed, along with tool rentals which includes picks, shovels, hammers,
umbrellas, sprayers and other equipment. Please don't hesitate to come ask if you need help.
I will be around to help in any way I can. We GREATLY appreciate your business and enjoy
having every one out to dig.

Hogg Mine Staff